Of Seeing sights…

Recently I read a friend of friend’s post on a research that says the more a man stares at a lady’s boobs the healthier he lives. it is actually funny how many threads followed castigating him and questioning the validity the supposed research.

This naturally brought me to the consciousness of my new pastime: seeing any beautiful babe in the course of my daily social interactions, I mentally access her beauty and momentarily spy at her ring finger to ascertain her availability. Sometimes, I get as easily disappointed as can be with any sparkle blinking from that region. While other times I just get the vain satisfaction that she’s not yet taken and could be taken if I wanted. But, i never really wanted because I had been taken!

This simple peccadillo of mine became obvious to me when I met a bank cashier recently and discovered that she was married, the disappointment was written all over my face such that she couldn’t but ask if all was well with me.

But then, when did this silly behaviour of spying at people (ladies’ fingers) really crept in on me? Let’s just say, when maturity dawns. Gone are the days you recklessly desire a lady for the sake of lust. With time, a man will soon begin to look out for a lady that can fulfil his dreams in stature and status: hence, the surreptitious glances by the men on the ring finger before making any approach. And, I guess this is true for the ladies too; seeing a dropped dead gorgeous prince charming like me not once have I caught many spying at my ring finger!

I remember the first time i got conscious of seeing a lady in future stature.

That was when a friend of my decided to show pitiable me the ‘true things of life’ as we called it. I had always assessed ladies from the eyebrows to the lips, simple! Then, having lost out on many jokes, soon after the departure of any lady on the side walk. they told me that the worth or a women is in the weight of her boobs-the bigger the better! That’s Mammalia glands, I retorted and they all burst into laughter at my obvious ignorance. Years later, a GF actually apologized for having so small endowment! My friends’ many theories (like the smaller the boob, the sexier the chic) and preposterous assertions (like the the bigger the boob, the smaller the booms!) were enough to arose curiosity in me to probe further into the heart of the matter.

For Men

And to my utmost surprise, I found some really true. Please, don’t ask me which. Then, I have really seen a lot and enough, thanks to the cleavage revealing ladies of this generation.

Therefore, my friend’s friend post about the research may just turn out as the panacea all men need in all these frustrating world or reccession, thank goodness the ladies are more than willing to exhibit their endowment at no cost, healthy living is here again!

But, then, nothing is yet to change my simple preference for a luscious lips! #Winks!