The sweetest joy, the wildest woe is love.

Love is a paradox, life is a serialized dying experience and lose some, win some is the game of life. That is the summary of human engagement on earth. The agony comes when we want to will our fantasy into reality.

Falling in love can be the most thrilling experience indulged by any mortal, and getting out of love can be the most devastating exercise.

On this series, I reflect on the most memorable moments I have been flattered with but regret the trying period I had to move on.

How often do we claim to love someone and soonest we harbour so much disgust.

How easily are we blown off by the tide of immediacy promising tomorrow and its challenges unborn? However, when a new day dawns we are faced with options of standing by our words and backtracking into the lane of natural instinct: self-preservation and will to survive before any other considerations.

Love is a paradox, in that in our ability to love passionately lies an equal tendency to hate irrationally. This is an extension of the inherent dynamic all ideas. That born with an idea is an antithesis, sure to manifest and kill off that idea.

When I profess, my love today it is not a blanket assurance I cannot turn tables tomorrow—this is as natural to man as bowel moment!

That is why that knight in charming armour today may become your worst night mare tomorrow.

…to be continued!

[Sorry, I just have to post this piece unfinished]

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