A View of A View…

Often we are quick to vouch for the integrity of our views; rightly, so, we fight for our right to hold them.

How can anyone one hold a different view from ours, we often wonder. Are the facts of the matter lost on them? Where they not privileged to have had the vastness of our type of exposures? The quality of our reasoning cannot be faulted, having been a student of logic for four college years!

However, issues in life are not as simple as a child’s play, much more made complex by our years of social conditionings. Yet we crave the day the world will come to her senses to see things in their banal forms—in line with our views.

Does the world ever come to our side of the divide?

No, the world sets paradigms through integrated conditioning institutions that mostly set agenda on topical discuss. It is left for us to make adjustment [call it compromise] to fit into any class of the two usually thus set.

Unknown to some of us, we assert the independence of our thought process and the infallibility of our conclusions, and this self-adoration has prodded many to cause anarchy for the whole of the civilization.

If only we would take a moment to reason on those things that have come to be our benchmark of gauging actions vis-a-vis our responses to issues.

Our family. This is a choice we couldn’t have made but that still goes far in life to shape our views.

Our Environment. Another external factor that positions or repositions our orientation in all we do.

Our Peer. This potpourri of experiences strives to align us to any ideological linings it adopts once we are subscribed.

Public Opinion. It is convenient to be readily subscribed to views holding sway with the generality of people. But, the voice of the people is not always the voice of God and the crowd had been grossly wrong in the past.

The Media. This is the most surreptitious of all. The press daily inundates us with news of what they determine to be so called and covertly inject the views they want the public to hold and we are always buying this agenda setting completely!

Our Education. This is by far the most worthy of all, as its content broadens our mind and opens us up for vaster of possibilities that our family, environment and experiences would never afford us. It is objective and enlightening. But, with all its rationality we are quick to spurn its teachings the moment we set a foot outside of the college walls.

Variation in one of these means different options and different processing mechanisms set at work on the same piece of information. This is why it is rightly said, ‘There are two sides to every coin.’ A simple understanding of this may go a long way in helping relational issues amongst us.

Until we recognise others’ rights to hold a view different from ours because of different social leaning and be, ready to converse and convert them to our thoughts through unpatronising premises we may as well start bidding common humanity farewell.

Therefore, the next time am about to take a stand, I should be quick to look if any of these is influencing me covertly or overtly. Before I criticise another I would be ready to take a walk in his shoes, a few miles than to pass a verdict off-handed.

If at all, my conditioning is affecting me I should be ready to own up to my sentiments and biases rather than forcing my opinion as a valid derivative from the given facts, even when I know it’s only a side of the coin that I am permitted to see per time.

Why not take another view of your dominant views today. Are you unconsciously tribalistic, chauvinistic, nepotistic, partisan, prejudiced or bias?

A better world is possible, only if you care enough look through the paradigm of another.


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