All to you, this comes…

Creative Chaos Award

On the 1st of April, I had two things that cheered my mood—and this is not another fooling story. I was awarded the Creative Chaos Award by Subhan Zein (the guy is one hell of inspiration to me) and my blog’s hits climaxed 2,000! What a feat!

Though I created my blog sometimes in November 2011, I made it public in February 2012 and in two months I have had 2000 hits—an average of 33 clicks per day!

This is awesome. I am dedicating the award to all writerly folks from the Friday Fictioneers at Madison Woods Blog who made this feat possible—all for you!

To accept this award, you must:

1. Tell 3 completely weird things about your habits. If you claim to have no weird habits, you’re lying and we’ll have to send an investigative team for further analysis.

2. You must tell why you look at the “glass half full” scenario and ask “what? No coffee?”

3. Complete any one of the following essay questions:

A. You find yourself in a desolate place when your car breaks down. You have no cell phone service, no Walmart (I know, GASP, right?), and only a candy bar for food. It is 150 miles to the closest town. What color are your pants and why?

B. You find yourself having to ride an elevator quite frequently. How do you pass the time to show off your creativity?

4. Then you are to nominate 5 random people and let them know.

5. Make sure to show proper gratitude to the person who nominated you whether that is to shower them with gifts, prizes, and cash or to see that they are put into a clown costume and photographed for internet mocking.

6. Make sure to post the award somewhere.

My answers:

1. My wierd habits: 1) I love occult stories and feast on them greatly 2) I seem to love all women equally–Would I ever get married to any?; 3) No matter how delicious my dinner was, I still take a cup of Garri before bed time. Hehehe!

2. My “Glass is half empty” because it is practical and real. I hate illusions!

3. I would think about the first sentence to a blogpost titled: Trapped in a closet!

And the people I would like to nominate for this award are:

Congratulations, guys! Now it’s your turn!

10 thoughts on “All to you, this comes…”

      1. My English is very bad and I need a translator to read you but since I love to meet and learn, I hope you do not mind, and know excuse my typing errors. 🙂
        Happy week for you

      2. Welcome too…i used a translator to read you too…i flow with the idea–that’s what communication is about be free to express yourself nice to meet your–i bet you are a terrific prolific writer!

      3. I gradually try to understand you and if not seek help, is the only way to learn 🙂 I think … 🙂
        Happy Monday from Spain.

  1. Welcome to the A to Z Challenge. You can make your participation more obvious by posting the A to Z Badge from the A to Z Blog page. Badge code can be found halfway down the sidebar.

    A Few Words
    An A to Z Co-host blog

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