Cloaks don’t make a Monk any more than Cloths make a Cop

Fulfilling childhood dreams...

The Nigerian Police Force for a second time in four years has propositioned another change of clothes. The Inspector General of Police has generously called for public comments for/against the adoption of the outfit. Thanks for that, I wouldn’t be seen as a meddlesome interloper!

Laundering the image of the NPF has gone beyond spurious publicity stint or fawning personality ego.

The men and officers of the force had over the last decade, etched a soiled image about themselves in the minds of the people. They execute the exact opposite of their constitutional duties and roles.

Therefore, methinks, any effort to redirect the mandate of this pseudo-force should begin with the reorientation/reorganisation of the whole system of her operations rather than vain attempts to rebrand according to the caprice of managing personalities

...because of #20 tip (bribe?)

Bomo Haram malaise is rife and a vainglorious IGP comes up with a change of outfit idea. When I first saw him, adorned in the camouflage, my mind told me this man is a failed applicant into the Nigerian Armed Forces…suddenly, the police wants to look like a combat ready military personnel but can they stand the calling?

Let me regale you with some up-close-and-personal experiences I had with this peculiar breed of Nigerians.

Three years ago, I had an eye opening experience with the NPF that left more to be desired. The family home of my campus guardian was burgled and the grandpa had to make a report to the local police station. After all the official protocol had been observed they made for home but the officer on duty delayed them a bit to confirm the next course of action from a superior officer on phone.

‘Hello. Sir! Private Peter on line Sir’

‘Yes, how’s the station? (In a condescending tone, I suspect)

‘Fine Sir, there are some men here to report a robbery incident at their home today at about 1300hours’

Take their statement down…

Combat ready, indeed!

‘I have done that sir, calling to know what’s next to do’

‘You don’t know what’s next to do? Lock them up!’ (Maybe, as sarcasm)

He did as instructed.

After 24 hours in custody grandpa was discharged. We pushed for the prosecution of the culpable cop but higher reasoning, that he lacked common sense being a week-old graduate of the Force academy, prevailed upon us not to do such a thing. Question: had the drunken superintendent ordered them to be shot at what would be the state of things?

Recently, I was returning from a trip to Ibadan, we happened into a robbery operation—Lagos-Ibadan expressway is notorious for such occurrences. The driver detoured, and made for the opposite lane. We drove for 10 minutes on the wrong lane and caught-up with a police checkpoint. They questioned our presence on the wrong lane and we alerted them of the on-going robbery. They thanked us gratefully, pack-up and fled the scene.

Proud Member

Does anything here tells what needs to be clothed?

Enjoy this video on the NPF Please!


This is a contibution to the A-Z April Challenge #AtoZchallenge


4 thoughts on “Cloaks don’t make a Monk any more than Cloths make a Cop”

  1. Hehehe.Indeed we have two extremely funny instances here that i can’t help laughing. Oh my goodness! Please take it easy with these men-in-black -of course you know everybody is fighting for survival this country where the survival of the fittest is in practice. It’s funny to know that they are trying to find an extricate from their ill-reputed uniforms. Please be compassionate towards them too cos they’ve got their various large families to cater for. Only God know how many mouths are widely open await blessings of manna from them, at least to assuage the militants fighting wars and battles in their stomachs. Don’t cause food to be remove people mouth o! Remember, not everybody can do what JESUS did even when they are innocent or not involved -as in, to die for another person. Yes, sugar-coated mouths say it, but the question is ”can they do it?”

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