D is for Domestic Beasts

I love beasts; God knows I do! Maybe for my love for the fairy tale the beauty and the beast, but that’s really a probability.

I hope to keep a number of them later in life. I love the leopards, cheetahs and, the wolf is prime in my heart.

Something about that animal that is strikingly similar to the ancient knights of the feudal age. For one, they are voracious in battle but calm, dignified and very noble in domestic dens. So, that premised my choice of the wolf as the prince of my heart. I know some who would choose the stallion as their symbol of nobility and dignity. That’s a talk (blog) for another day. I think their choice is based more on the habitual association of the stallion as the mode of transportation of the knights.

Well, I look forward to a future to share a home with loins, leopards and a gang of wolves. But, there is a new species of beasts now emerging in my country. No matter the amount of energies directed to training them, they can never submit to noble acts at the barest level. Surprisingly, these jungle beats can give up pristine instinct in pursuit of noble desires of their handlers. Thus, we have tame wild creatures living peacefully with man. These are the classic examples of wild beasts.

The new emerging beasts of today are those who under whatever form of influence (alcohol, poverty, anger, jealousy, inferiority, malice) lift a hand to hit a woman. Of course, anyone who raises a finger against his wife is a classic example of domestic beast.


4 thoughts on “D is for Domestic Beasts”

  1. Is that your drawing, Charles? It’s really good. Grey wolves were almost extinct here in the US and were put on the endangered species list. They did well and recovered and just this past January were removed from all government protection. That’s good news but also bad news because it means that one day they’re going to allow people to hunt wolves. Why anyone would want to do that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

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