‘H’ is for Hitchhiker

A Hitchhiker

…Sonia felt warmth caressing her flesh. She wondered from faraway what it could be. It was definitely different from the atmosphere she had willed herself away from. A soothing came with it too. Yes, this is different yet she will not awake into the horror her life has assumed. She is scared of the faces that will greet her morning. The torture of the shackles, the agony of the waiting…a reviving pinch on a fresh wound by a fly and her reflex response to take a kill aroused her against her will.

A bright sunlight adorned her day. She shut her eyes back in greater horror. Could she be dead really, she thought. Is heaven not said to be a place of shining gold. That means she’s dead. They had finally come for her and killed her and now she is dead and waiting for judgement again. But, could she face her fate now, no!

A droning sound of a locomotive whizzed by from a distance. Her eyes flushed opened. Definitely, she’s alive and away from the horror of her life. She sauntered up and traced her way to the sound that delights her soul. As she ran thoughts of her immediate past flashed through her mind. She ran with greater speed to escape all that had brought her there.

She found the road in the middle of nowhere. Her heart raced the length of the road back and forth. Her eyes caught sight of an oncoming vehicle and heart was delighted but her mind reproached her appearance.  She ducked on instinct seeing her state of nakedness. On a second thought, she must get out of here. She took a place on the road waving down the vehicle. The driver however did not stop taking her for a derelict.

On a third attempt, a vehicle stopped for her. She hopped in gratefully at the back seat. Etiquette demands explanation for her state and she told how she had been kidnapped but escaped by sheer luck. She retailed about the victims, the torture and horror of waiting in line for their deaths. She told of the villains and their spikes revealing laughter, instead of a set of teeth.

On this cue the driver smile, looking back at her through the rear mirror and asked

‘Is it like this’? Revealing a glittering set of spikes hungry for blood.

Sonia screamed and fainted.

The driver windup and drove on.

‘This time we shall be more careful!’


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