‘I’ is for I DON’T KNOW!

I don’t know what this post is all about but I am doing it all the same. I had planned to give a sequel to the Hitchhiker and satisfy the curious readers who want to know the fate of Sonia but I was soon to discover I am not going to know whatever happened to her next.

I don’t know! For the muse has been congenial enough to give me the story in the first place and I won’t ask for more. So, you may have to hang around till the end of this challenge to see if I’ll do something on that story. Then again, I don’t know if you should trust that.

I don’t know if am going to see through this challenge too, that depends on the availability of time and space at my day job.

I don’t know if I should be doing this (rambling to no end) at all because I hate conversational posts on a creative blog like mine. I don’t know if I am guilty of that too.

I don’t know if I had ever got you to laugh on this blog as I fancy in my tags such as hilarious and humorous.  Or, do you mind telling me?

I don’t know if I should share a story with you and if it will make you laugh.

‘I don’t know’ is actually a phrase I should have used as a freshman at University of Ibadan and saved myself some embarrassment but I hadn’t learnt how to admit that simple truth.

I had gone to check the course schedule for the semester at the department of English’s notice board and met a fair lady starring at the board too. Courses were listed along with the venues. Fools that they were, they coded the information without keys to reading it.

‘By the way, where is this LLT’ my fair lady blurted out in reference to no one in particular.

I looked back at her alarmed. ‘Why, don’t you know the LLT? I can show you if you care’ I volunteered, feeling good with my smarthead.

I took my bemused friend on a merry-go-round tour of the campus proudly exhibiting my catch on our way to the Law faculty. Entering a large lecture theatre, I exhaled triumphantly ‘this is the LLT-Law Lecture Theatre! — the venue for our ENG 112!’

Soon, I as I was explaining the rationale for the aisle in the hall ‘…a possibility for simultaneous classes being held’ A young officer approached us.

‘What can we do for you gentleman and lady’

‘Not to worry, we’re here to attend an English class but surprised none of our mates is around yet not even the lecturer’ I replied coolly.

‘Young man, didn’t you know that this facility is strictly for law students and by your dressing you both ought not to be here?

‘Sorry sir, I didn’t know!’

‘That’s what you should have said an hour ago, rather than just wasting my time’ she said and walked away.


5 thoughts on “‘I’ is for I DON’T KNOW!”

  1. Oh my, Charles, I’ve been laughing my head off. What kind of ‘joe impre’ as we say in Ghana, were you up to? Out to impress the lady who in the end was not impressed at all with your ‘gallant’ effort.

    Seriously, have you considered writing stuff like this based on campus life?

    1. Thanks for being here and glad to know you enjoyed it.
      Really thinking the way of publishing a schoollife series too, but maybe after the Clarion Call (still about a life i didn’t live while in the national service corps), WIP is out…i can go that way. Thanks again! Hey, am glad to host you here!!!

  2. “I don’t know” is a great solution to “I”. Mine was “Impasse”… as in, I had no idea what to post for “I”, so I was at an impasse! Go AtoZChallenge

    It is more challenging than I thought. Struggling with “J” today.

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