‘L’ for Life’s Choices (Friday-Flash-Fictioneers)

Life’s Choices

‘I wanted you to see beauty before you go’ he said genially

Johnny looked around momentarily ‘That’s kind of you executioner, I love the sight of it’

 ‘Pity you may be seeing it a last time’ he said tersely

‘My death is as sure as egg is egg in your hands’ Johnny replied calmly

‘With you I would rather be liberal. Would you rather jump into the manhole or walk through that tunnel?

Johnny tossed the proposition in his mind. Both are surely for death. I will rather a familiar devil; a jump or a walk: who knows what either held.

He flipped into the manhole.

He started up from the dream, still in his cell.


This is a sequel to Johnny waits to die and the conclusion is well developing. Thanks for reading.

This is at once a contribution to the #AtoZChallenge and for the regular Friday Fictioneers cafe at Madison Woods’ Blog visit her to get a potpourri of  thoughts inspired by the photo prompt.

24 thoughts on “‘L’ for Life’s Choices (Friday-Flash-Fictioneers)”

      1. I only glanced over it once before I knew what direction I wanted to take it; it was weirdly similar to something I just recently wrote with one of my own original characters. So I just went with that.

  1. Hi Charles – I especially liked the “sure as egg is egg” comment and the sudden awakening from the dream. I feel for Johnny! Thanks for stopping by mine!

  2. We can all identify with that nightmare! I’m trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at myqualityday.blogspot.com

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