Farmer’s Sons—FridayFictioneers


‘Nosa, don’t touch it, it’s mine!’

‘But you only saw the damsel and me the host’

‘It’s still mine, damsel brought it for me.

‘You’re only a god unto flies and not their hosts…’

I wrestled with him for a share too but Papa intervened as Solomon unto the women.

He held the lemon to our eyes and lifted his cutlass from its shield.

Papa sliced through a section of the booty to reveal a colony of worms…

‘What a fly could forgo man should not die for’ Papa added as a moral for us.


What do you think of these snaps of dialogue? Was the allusion well delivered? Lemme know, Please!


This is a contribution to Madison Woods’ #FridayFictioneers activity. Other interesting takes on the photo prompt are logged in her blog…Please, hop in for a read.

About me…

So, I have been nominated for the Tell-Me-About-Yourself Award and many thanks to Sassy, her works and commitment to her blog are a huge source of inspiration to me. Do click away at her blog if you crave seamlessly strewn romantic metaphor!

When I set out to blog, I tried to be as enigmatic as I can be. I love that wow! moment when people get to see another side of me…but according to the rules of acceptance, i am to reveal a bit of me here…

1.  Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog. ☑ check!

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* I really wish I could become a police officer [though the institution has lost its respect in my country]

* I am scared to hell of anything on two wheels–bicycles and motorcycles especially. [I can’t bring myself to learn to ride them]

* I am scared of thunderstorms [How I wish it rains only]

* I am studying to become a PersonalBrand guru [At the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations]

* I sleep in my birthday suite daily [I detest any encumbrance to my sleep]

* I love philosophical and religious debates [That’s just me, anyway!]

* I love the frolicking of words—God knows I do!


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One of the few lessons I learnt from the adventures of Sherlock Holmes is the need for conscious awareness, which has been the bedrock of the survival of the species.

As our civilization develops, we suddenly begin to trade our survival kit for the dazzling mirage of the technologies.  Thus for every emotions we are given smiley, for societies we are given social networks and for brains we are given memory cards.

The more aware we claim to be through the instrumentality of automated gadgets the more ignorant of our environment we become. While many may not know how many flight of stairs lead to their offices, they would readily say how many models of iPods exist.

Elementary economics teaches us that noticed needs lead to the creation of services or good to satisfy it, for commercial advantage. However, if our eyes are shut against the obvious how do we become relevant in our society?

As you step out today, put off your GPS and consciously take in the details of your environment, how many streetlight poles are on your streets? Turn-off the messenger and put a call through to that contact, can you read his tone and mood? Go out! Be conscious of environment and your world.
Take Charge!