Unidentified Flying Object
UFO-Unidentified Flying Object

The ambience of the flight was pleasant enough with a coyish lady laid beside me. I was tempering with my Blackberry’s settings to flight mood when a flip of her hands caught my attention.

‘Are you a catholic?’

‘Sort of, off and on—depending on my location’


She had done the sign of the cross at the end of the prayers offered by passenger 57 and I wondered if prayers were a protocol too, aboard.

A sudden jolt roused us all from the reveries of acquaintance making.

I did the sign of the cross too…


This is dedicated to the wonderful souls departed on the Dana Crash. The nation could not have loved you more. May their loved ones find fortitude in sweet memories they left with us. Please, Sleep on!


This was brought to you by Madison Woods and her gang of #FridayFictioneers, feel free to hop in and have a pleasant read!

14 thoughts on “Dana”

  1. I’ll just add an Amen! to the chorus. I got such chills reading your story, Charles.

  2. I’ve never been on an aircraft of any kind, but I can imagine that’s the last thing you’d ever want to see someone doing. My condolences to the victims’ families.

  3. Welcome back to the fold. I, like Jake, have never flown. I’m not sure I ever want to, especially after hearing of crashes, but that’ll make it difficult to do the traveling I want to do at some point.

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