Thoughts Unbarred

After a flurry of twitter innuendoes and wrist-slaps, I logged to Sahara reporters’ blog to glean a gist of the latest scene in the comedy of absurd that the agency of my state is beaming.

Scandals and their head-spinning proportions in our country is no news anymore, yet the theatrics and apt characterizations of the personae are steep in nail-biting suspense.

This time, it starred a fox of the economic league and one of the ‘finest’ species of the national assembly. Faruk Lawan has against ethical standards and proclaimed biases intimidated and requested an inducement from Femi Otedola to clear his company from the smear that the fuel subsidy investigation regime portents for his ilks. His perfidy—to the tune of $ 620, 000, was exposed as a covert operation of the state security service men, starring an undercover agent in Femi Otedola.

Reading through a blog, a commenter quizzes that the Hausa-Fulani cabal had quieted the furore that would have attended this revelation, had he been a southerner. I casually discarded the comment as another of those bigots ranting.

Well, the chicken has finally come home to roast with a counter revelation; copiously supported with referenced documents that the integrity mouthing lawmaker was actually on a Sherlock Holmes adventure in concert with the Inspector General of police.

Questions propped in and out of my mind since I read the latest from Faruk Lawan.

If he were acting in good faith and well aware of the involvement of the police, why did he deny the accusation in the first light?

What were the police wanting for after the first instalment of an attempted bribery case has been established?

Where did the SSS get that amount of money to use as bait in a grand bribery scandal and why haven’t they brought Faruk Lawan to book—about two months after the case?

So many things are not in the right in our country. How can the investigation department of the police be unto a case as was the SSS without any ground of information sharing?

If both of these men’s tales were established as truth, which would turn logic on its head, I would say our structures and systems need total overhauling. But, the sad thing is that, in my mind none is better that the other, it’s a case of a pot calling a kettle black—and this kettle is surprisingly black this time.

Though the credibility of the Faruk Lawan led subsidy investigation panel and its attendant conclusion had been tarnished by this very accusation, the premise that treacherous thieves helm the economic viability of our country cannot be faulted.

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