Many a time, we muse on the resplendent qualities our lives will take if certain situations could equate another.

The frequencies of dreams are active yet we are stuck at a tuner and fed with lurid details of ‘Why we shouldn’t?’ We are soon given to the grasshopper’s life: hopping, leaping and ducking at every beckoning challenge.

But, if we have to make a difference, we should be bold enough to step out; meet head-on with the situations— for they hold the seeds of our promotion.

What’s the status of your relationship, what’s that step towards your goal? Do you need to learn a skill and establish new alliances? Be bold, be courageous, reach out and grab the moment.

Take charge!

2 thoughts on “Courage”

  1. You’re right, Charles. The modern up and coming young men and women grab opportunities as they come. But for some older folks, lots of considertion is given before major decisions, especially career and life changing ones are made. Baut once we lose an opportunity to strike out, it may not come again.

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