Farmer’s Sons—FridayFictioneers


‘Nosa, don’t touch it, it’s mine!’

‘But you only saw the damsel and me the host’

‘It’s still mine, damsel brought it for me.

‘You’re only a god unto flies and not their hosts…’

I wrestled with him for a share too but Papa intervened as Solomon unto the women.

He held the lemon to our eyes and lifted his cutlass from its shield.

Papa sliced through a section of the booty to reveal a colony of worms…

‘What a fly could forgo man should not die for’ Papa added as a moral for us.


What do you think of these snaps of dialogue? Was the allusion well delivered? Lemme know, Please!


This is a contribution to Madison Woods’ #FridayFictioneers activity. Other interesting takes on the photo prompt are logged in her blog…Please, hop in for a read.

36 thoughts on “Farmer’s Sons—FridayFictioneers”

  1. Haha, Yes I got it too. Excellent. I like stories with a moral lesson, and this was good.

    I’d review line 2 though. Maybe a comma? Or an “I” instead of “me”?

  2. Lovely reminder of what happens when you fight over one thing – didn’t the real mother in Solomon though say that the baby should go to other and that was how Solomon knew she was the right one? Nice Story – I enjoyed it and a lovely moral too.

  3. NIce work on this. You definitely used this prompt well. Presenting us with a moral and a good dialogue. NIcely done.

  4. The dialogue was a great way to slam the reader into the story, and the lesson was well delivered. I’m not going to avoid lemons, and possibly noodles, for a while, though.


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