A dream of your Dreams

Happy Independence Nigeria

Your dream
I wish I could live the beauty of your dreams
the sweet smiling scent of a future
The big deal that demands our now
but the miasma reek of today
the feinting stampede of here
cast a shadow of a slumbering you, on my dream

I see you sleeping
but i know you’re dreaming
I wish i could but see in a flitting seconds the dream of your dreams
Sadly, all i see is a slumbering President!

#Happy Independence Nigeria

3 thoughts on “A dream of your Dreams”

    1. All is well ma, i just took a off to settle myself…By the way, i do enjoy reading your offerings ever since through my mobile, but commenting (or even posting) is difficult from the device…that explains my mute-mode. I will update this blog anytime i happen on the office–I am mostly on the field these days.

  1. All you see is a slumbering President? Oh C, I feel you. I feel you! Politics in the Philippines is also very disappointing. 😦

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