Missing you

You jumped the Gun

In a greedy haste

You breast the tape

As you ‘were hailed to wait

Hope you found

All they said, true of the outter space?

Hope you float

In celestial garment among the gods

I look forward to years ahead

I weep for there is all for you to miss

You look backward to years on earth

You smile for all the sweat and pains

But, I still must say

You slipped too soon into eternity



***Sometimes we at a big loss when our friends shut the world off in a wink too soon. Our loss is mainly for our selfish reasons but again we wish to know why they haste to make a cross and if they get a fair deal in the hereafter. I write to immortalize a precious soul surfing from beyond. KIKELOMO AMINU and I served together as Christian corps members at Delta State, Nigeria during the compulsory National Youth Service Corps scheme…a friend, a believer and a mother to all. She passed on late last year but i got to know only yesterday, after several attempts to reach her. I miss you…this is a point of notice to the world and those to come hereafter: a selfless soul breezed through this space!***


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