Sheri goes out with me…[For Fridayfictioneers]

Like a sheet upon a line    

A mass of people billows around

The virtuous and the spineless

Sat [stood] we two, one another’s best!

***This is a very sentimental poem. I wrote it as a surprise for Sheri upon our last date,  in Lagos. Looking at this picture, I felt like sharing a part of me with you all. Enjoy your weekend!

32 thoughts on “Sheri goes out with me…[For Fridayfictioneers]”

  1. Very nice, Charles. I bet Sheri loved this.
    I see the countdown to the Birthday Bash. Mine is on the 16th.

  2. Sweet, poem …for Sheri. Hey…FELLOW SCORPIO… Nov. 13…Lora…Nov. 14…Charles…Nov. 15. Madison…Nov. 16…Russell. Wish we could get together. We could have a blast of a party. Any other Scorpios FF’s out there?

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