Sheri goes out with me…[For Fridayfictioneers]

Like a sheet upon a line    

A mass of people billows around

The virtuous and the spineless

Sat [stood] we two, one another’s best!

***This is a very sentimental poem. I wrote it as a surprise for Sheri upon our last date,  in Lagos. Looking at this picture, I felt like sharing a part of me with you all. Enjoy your weekend!


32 thoughts on “Sheri goes out with me…[For Fridayfictioneers]”

  1. Sweet, poem …for Sheri. Hey…FELLOW SCORPIO… Nov. 13…Lora…Nov. 14…Charles…Nov. 15. Madison…Nov. 16…Russell. Wish we could get together. We could have a blast of a party. Any other Scorpios FF’s out there?

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