That’s Life Anyway! [Friday Fictioneers, Anniversary]

For Writers: It’s another week and particularly, a week in which this blog turns a year old (according to WordPress’ calculations. It was actually publicized in February upon my chanced discovery of Friday Fictioneers). Many thanks to all Fictioneers who had encouraged me to keep on keeping on. Those who encouraged my voice, my style and little efforts.

Here is a brief narration, I hope it strikes home…but, please, let me know how it pans out. I actually feel jittery with narrations. Thank you!

For Readers: Many thanks for making it here, too. You’re welcome to the gang any day and anytime. This week, it’s the sixth for our new host and well, a bonus picture of 41-years ago [Happy Anniversary Rochelle!!!] is on her blog this week click here>>> Rochellewisofffields.

Funny, I learnt they kissed differently back then. Click and spy its free and you don’t have to feel like a Voyeur. Tell me what the difference is, in kissing that is!!!


We had started by sinking the fence of independence.

I pored over her every action and move.

‘You’re becoming too demanding’ she spouted the other day

And with that we drifted back to our individualness, to being occupied with the lust for one’s own company.

Again,“you’re too withdrawn these days”

I smiled; hat swayed gingerly on, and I took a walk.

I waited all year long trailing for a sign of her infidelity, but on the eve of Christmas I found her as lonely as me through my binoculars. Yet, I still crave my company more than hers.


35 thoughts on “That’s Life Anyway! [Friday Fictioneers, Anniversary]”

  1. I read a sense of lonliness, detachment and yes some lack of trust in the words. These don’t augur well for a great relatiosnhip. One must have to give. Good show, Charles. 🙂

  2. I really liked the tone of this piece, and its quirkiness. I’d use ‘individuality’ rather than ‘individualness’ and ‘trawling’ rather than ‘trailing’ for signs. This piece has a lot of promise.

  3. I definitely think that relationship isn’t going anywhere, certainly not anywhere good. Stalking for a year and then realizing you prefer to be alone rather than with that person is both creepy (in the first case) and infinitely sad (in the latter.)

    Congratulations on your blog birthday! May you celebrate many more such birthdays.

  4. I’m not sure I understand “fence of independence.” Perhaps a fence to confine independence–is that what you meant? I could relate to her thinking he’s demanding one minute and saying he’s withdrawn the next. Overall, the piece left me feeling sad and hoping these two lonely individuals will wake up and get a life.

  5. There is a time for autonomy but there’s also a time for companionship. Hope these people can strike a balance. If not, it might be time to move on. Nicely told.
    Happy one year blog anniversary, Charles and thanks for the well wishing for my 41st,

  6. I just loved your rich verbs, this piece really created images for me. However, I think a year’s worth of “scouting” implies he’s kidding himself about how he feels. Excellent story.

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