Everything I’ve Got! [Contemporary Fiction]

He saunters into the oval room dumping the 20-stand-candleholder. It has been a tiring day for him.
The procession had starred at the numbers of his candles; everyone else had just one for the occasion.
In his room, resting on the sofa, he could see the candle-holder and a picture of a victim he had picked from the ground at the procession train, tears roll freely from his eyes.
His head is a flurry of thoughts. He seizes the phone on the desk…

Fire for fire
Fire for fire

“Hello Reggie, take down the following memo for the meeting next week…”
“But, Sir, these are far reaching, can we play safely on this with them…?”
“Who cares, the place is damn too risky for safety games. Either they act, or I will”

***Disclaimer: This is purely fictional and as such no attempt to vilify any political view or action. Thanks***

This has been made possible by the loving effort of Rochellewisofffields and her gang of Friday Fictioneers.
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15 thoughts on “Everything I’ve Got! [Contemporary Fiction]”

  1. it seems to me that someone died or was killed at a work site, and the management has not done a good enough job with safety measures. this guy on the phone has had enough, and either the management is going to make things safer or he’s going to do it himself, possibly by being a “whistle blower.” that’s what i see, although i might be wrong.

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