Rites of Passage [Historical Fiction]

I have heard about the journey. I have doubted its existence. I had pondered why a brother would take his own captive.

But here, it’s happening to me.

The Arochukwu priest chants cleansing incantations as we go through the last place to be called home, the corridor to the after-life as we know it.

“Is this all to the initiation rites?” a teenager asked, looking back at me.

The Passage
The Passage

I pondered where such thoughts came from…

“Yes, hope you’ve had a time of your life?”

“Times have changed; Papa told me different stories from this”

Sure. We are captives of our own clan. We tugged on to a waiting ship.


This is an account of the slave trade era. The much taunted Atlantic Slave Trade, Where African were as culpable [if not much more] as their European counterparts. The story sets in an Eastern Nigerian village, where the Arochukwu Priests (Custodians of Customs and Religion) witch-hunted ordinary men to sell as slaves.


This has been made possible by the goodwill and fervent addiction of Rochellewisofffields and her creative gang of writers who converge weekly as the Friday Fictioneers. Click on the Linky Icon to read greater stories…

36 thoughts on “Rites of Passage [Historical Fiction]”

    1. Dear Janet, I studied history in a Pan-African Uni, and am sure my professors would whine at the commentary below the story…But, like i did throught out my college days, i can’t imagine the innocence of Africans in this global tragedy! Thanks for stopping by.

  1. what were the initiation rites? was it part of the lies they were told about where they were going? or the boy/manhood initiations for the tribe?

  2. Money was made on both sides of the Atlantic. I can see the men and women taken down a path like this, not knowing what will become of them… Good one, Cee.

  3. I am sure families shared the horrors enough that all knew what would come with their inclusion in this horrid practice. Thanks for broadening our minds here.

  4. Hi Charles,
    You take on powerful subject matter here. I understood your story even before I read the postscript. And I liked the idea that it was like a journey into the netherworld. It’s one of the most shameful things my country ever did. Ron

  5. Your article really makes me think of the horrors people throw at one another-so sad-so wrong. Thanks for following my blog. I will follow yours as well. best wishes, beebeesworld

  6. Humanity has never been very human, irrespective of the race, cast or creed. Till today there is slavery in various forms. M an Indian and there is slavery here too, till now. Children here are the worst sufferers. M sure the intensity of suffering might be less, but presence, it has in its full brightness. In face, sometimes I feel we all are slaves, serving the whims and fancies of the society, ain’t we?

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