Don’t Look a Gift Horse…

As a student of ESL and classics, a lot of things baffled me. One of them is the phrase up here and another is a story of a Roman lad who hid a Vulture in his coat but vehemently denied stealing it until the cannibal made a good meal of his lungs.  He was forever venerated afterwards.

I have suspected this phrase has something to do with the Trojan War but can’t keep from asking why they didn’t just look the damn horse in the mouth.

The Trojans may have discovered the horse can’t do this…

Copyright -Douglas M. MacIlroy
Copyright -Douglas M. MacIlroy


I have to particular come out of my sabbatical because our good Mrs Rochelle Fields omitted NIGERIA in the log of participating nations and well, it’s Douglas’ picture (thanks for sharing!)


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12 thoughts on “Don’t Look a Gift Horse…”

  1. Dear Charles,
    My apologies for not mentioning Nigeria. Neither did I mention Korea where lives another Friday Fictioneer. Oh and one in France…and…and…we are growing! In any case it’s wonderful to see you. Hope you’re enjoying your sabbatical. 😉

    1. Hey Doug! I knew I would get a proper reference from FF and it’s so good coming from you! I was surprised when a couple of people said they have not heard the story but I must have mixed up the lad’s nationality. Thanks!

  2. I like the story of the boy and the vulture. I can’t understand why he was venerated, since he lied about stealing the vulture! And he was properly punished, if severely, by having his lungs eaten. I won’t follow his example as I need my lungs for singing. 🙂 Ann

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