The Routine Man [Friday Fictioneers]

The Alarm went off with a thud movement on a bed, in a dark room. An outstretched arm tapped a bedside switch, the room was illuminated.

The figure sat up in bed, cupped his head in his hands. He entered the bathroom. He stepped out into the room. He wore his clothes perfunctorily: briefs, singlet, pants, shirt and a tie.

6:30am he went to his front yard to empty his trashcan, a neighbour shouted greetings from across the yard.

“Good morning, Mr Grey!”

“Morning, Maloney”

Maloney is an amateur gymnast who has for 3 year set his regimen by the time Grey wakes up and when he goes to empty his trashcan.

Grey went back inside, sniffed at a hot cup of coffee. Sipped gingerly and looked on at the grandfather’s clock that chimed away above the bookshelf adjacent to the dinner table.


This is a contribution to the Household of FridayFictioneers. It’s a joy to be among you folks again. All comments are appreciated. Thanks to for hosting us as usual.

11 thoughts on “The Routine Man [Friday Fictioneers]”

  1. Welcome back, Charles. I hope all’s been well with you while we missed you. I’m wondering whether you choose Mr. Grey’s name based on his routine and possibly dull life.


  2. You now have me craving coffee. See what a simply little story can do? You make his life seem dull and regimented, but I wonder if there isn’t more to the story. A history maybe?

  3. Hi Charles – Welcome back! Loved the moment-to-moment details. Being a gymnast, I bet he follows the same discipline/routine every morning as they are wont to do. Nice work.

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