Questions not Answers.

There are two kinds of people around, those who listen and those who talk. Many of us want to be the talkers.

But if we can imagine how much people want to talk and the power of the listener, many would rather learn to listen more.


Listening is not natural to many despite the biological fact that humans possess two ears and a mouth.

A skill critical for a listener is the acumen for questioning, with the right questions, you audit the rambling of a talker and get to the heart of the matter.

Aside the fact that you know more about people and their vanities, it is believed that the one who questions holds the answer.

How else would you want to build leadership skill in a group situation? By asking purpose-driven questions.

You don’t want to be a crocodile fellow in a group, small ears and a big mouth. But you will want to be an influencer, a shoulder to cry on, a pillar of help. So, you should start to get the right answers from people.


Common, let's have your say!

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