A Wink in the Dark

The siren went at 7:45am at Carter Hill School. Students trickled out from various classrooms towards the assembly ground where a prefect was standing barking out orders.

“Double up! Double up!! If you’re standing, you’re wrong!”

Two kids picked up their paces, from across the yard clutching their backpacks tightly with excitement dangling on their faces.

“Are you serious, someone beat-up Tosan in this school? Unbelievable!”

“Yes, I saw it! The bully was humiliated.”

“Where? Who? I bet he won’t be able to come to school today.”

“I saw it in my dreams”

“Ha! Dreams, no wonder. Who can dare?”

“You did, am serious.”

“Well, you said so; it can only be in your dreams.”

“Who are those scrawny little badgers there? Double up here or I’d get fifty laps from you this morning!?”

The prefect’s voice jarred the boys to quickly join the lines on the assembly.

The assembly started for the early comers with songs, drills and a pep talk from the prefect on duty. Soon, the lines grew with the arriving students. At 8:00am, the Vice-Principal administration came and gave an exhortation to the students.

“Today, like other days, we expect you to maintain decorum at all times. If you have a free period, find your way to the library. We shall not tolerate, the loitering and idling around. You’re all born to be great; so, I charge you, go and contribute to that greatness with all your activities.”

As the students dispersed to their classes, Dale noticed the excitement all around the JSS 3 boys. Andrews has obviously been giving them one of his legendary tales.

Soon eyes were glancing his way as if they were sizing him up. Then those set of eyes went the way of Tosan, who was being spanked for turning up late by a Man ‘o’ war cadet.

Suddenly, Dale connected the dots. Andrew has been feeding them in on the dreams he had. Dale had enough worries on his mind than add Tosan’s. He ran to them shouting,

“It’s a lie!”

Everyone in Andrew’s company burst into a laugh.

“So, who thinks it’s true?” a lanky kid asked

“Dave, I swear it’s a lie. How can I beat Tosan?

Dale looked, nervously, the way of Tosan, who was swaggering near having chested the spanking of the cadet. Ladies looked on in admiration and boys in envy. Tosan could withstand any stroke of the cane with showing any pain.

“Dreams are foolish we know. But it would interest our friend Tosan to know the news about his imminent defeat.” Someone suggested from the crowd

“Leke, please don’t do that. Common Andrew, tell them it’s a mere dream, please!”

Leke ran to Tosan as he swaggered into his class. He murmured some things to him and told turn around to look in the direction of Dale and his company.

“We shall decide that at closing, boy!” a bass voice rumbled out to Dale.


Now, over to you, what do you think will happen? Take a guess, it’s safe on me and not a damn lottery!

Questions not Answers.

There are two kinds of people around, those who listen and those who talk. Many of us want to be the talkers.

But if we can imagine how much people want to talk and the power of the listener, many would rather learn to listen more.


Listening is not natural to many despite the biological fact that humans possess two ears and a mouth.

A skill critical for a listener is the acumen for questioning, with the right questions, you audit the rambling of a talker and get to the heart of the matter.

Aside the fact that you know more about people and their vanities, it is believed that the one who questions holds the answer.

How else would you want to build leadership skill in a group situation? By asking purpose-driven questions.

You don’t want to be a crocodile fellow in a group, small ears and a big mouth. But you will want to be an influencer, a shoulder to cry on, a pillar of help. So, you should start to get the right answers from people.

A father’s son


Crouched on this couch

Flipping through the pages

The lines blurred

I can only see your smiles

…I am still waiting

Flicking through the channels

The pixels blurred

I can only see your shadows

I am still waiting

Waiting for that guttural voice

Calling my name again

Waiting for those strong fingers

Ruffling my hairs

Waiting to be aroused

By the aroma of ‘suya’ in the dead of the night

Waiting, just waiting

To be called a son again!


This Story captures my growing with a father in the sales profession.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be called a son by a caring man.

I hope to be one someday.