Why Prayers don’t get answers in Nigeria

When Apostle James was highlighting reasons for unanswered prayers in his epistle hardly was Nigeria a consideration.

He said you asked and did not receive because you asked wrongly; albeit Nigerians are asking rightly and persistently yet nothing profits from our requests.

Like how, we prayer for God to erase corruption from our system; how we beseech him to kill all our present crop of leaders to no avail [forgetting that that are people’s fathers and with some exception mothers].

A Pentecostal pastor shared a nasty experience with me recently.

He had gone to pray for brother Tade who has been harassed [oppressed] nightly by demonic forces over time. The duo felt enough was enough, they decided to take charge. After fervent prayers into the wee hours of the morning they retired to sleep—the pastor on the couch, brother Tade the inner room.

“If you hear any sound or sign just shout blood of Jesus, I will start firing the demons from here” The pastor counselled.

Some few minutes later, a crashing sound alarmed the brethren.

Brother Tade came crashing into the arm of fire-shouting pastor in the dark.

He clearly had seen a figure coming into the room and felt the demon must have switched of the light so as to commence his oppression.

“I punch you with the blood of Jesus” Tade threw the first punch

“Fire! Fire!! Fire consume you evil spirit!” The pastor screamed under torturous blows

“Pastor, don’t fire anything, I will deal with this one today” Tade disagreed

“Holy-ghost, take over. The battle is the lord’s” The pastor screamed further but Tade was determined to exert his pound of flesh on his oppressor.

It took the intervening grace of NEPA’s restoration of power supply for the duo not to kill each other in the house.

That was a digression. The main reason our prayers don’t get answered here is that we engage our quota of ministering angels in other activities…

I will uphold you with my right hand says the lord
I will uphold you with my right hand says the lord





Let’s start from here. How many of such sights do you see on a daily basis? Now, you ask God to protect your properties while he is busy giving instructions on how to save this man’s plus others that might die as a result of this arrangement.








Grace at work
Grace at work




It takes the abiding grace of God to achieve this effort. Seven people on a bike? Do you think God will be so careless to overlook these innocent souls and attend to your prayers? common, stop kidding me!






Angels on guard
Angels on guard



Christians need not bother praying at 6am or 6pm daily anymore. If you imagine the number of angels that are dispatched from heaven at these periods to attend to this scene you will marvel…That’s the hustling life of an average Lagosian.






Overloaded 5How about those who pray for protection against evil ones plotting to terminate their lives but who in actual fact are the enemies of themselves? Thankfully, God doesn’t grant all our requests because we are suicidal in deeds and wishes. How can you deliberately live in such structure and still pray against untimely deaths? 



Tell you what? Next time you wanna pray, take a trip down to Ghana or Syria and sure you’ll have the direct link to heaven… erm, that’s if naija hasn’t used up the other countries quota of angels.

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  1. Interesting piece…as always. Its actually 8 souls on the motorbike…lol. I look forward to more. *wink*

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