Romantic Fiction [Friday Fictioneers]

Anniversary Post
Anniversary Post

It was my third year in the university. I was among those who welcome freshmen to the campus when i caught sight of her.

I was at the café unwinding after a long day; she sat at across me distraught, willing an IPod to come to life.

“Those little techies do make our lives a hell”

“I am living through one at the moment”

6 pm, we were at the concert; she was on the stage swaying in delight to the harmony springing from my excited knuckles.

Thence, I knew I would play more songs to the rhythm of her swaying hips.




Hello there, this in celebration of Mrs  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields who marks a year at the helms of managing the Fictioneers’ Cafe this week and every one who has been with her so far.  You should read other interesting stories here


This is dedicated to a Friend whose pleasurable company I shared on the 19.10.2013

12 thoughts on “Romantic Fiction [Friday Fictioneers]”

  1. Dear Charles,

    I loved the spirit in your happy story. i can hear the music springing forth from your knuckles. (By the way, that image conjured up by those words is not how I usually envision a keyboard being played.)

    ‘…she sat at across me distraught, willing an IPod to come to life.’ This might better be written as… ‘she sat across from me, distraught, willing an IPod to come to life.’

    Keep after it, Charles. You work wonders at your keyboard.



    1. Dear Doug,
      Thanks for the review. I had issues deciding if I want to place a preposition or not in there…in any way, I was thinking of using “of” which sounds strange to me. Your suggestion cleared that up for me. Thank you!

  2. this is light and fun. I can see her swaying and him pounding out the music. Both of them smiling with a twinkle in their eyes. Well done, Charles.

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