30 Days, 30 Essays – A Dream

african_woman_by_ironmouse86-d4241xbThe hunt has been on all night.

The boys and I are lurking at Oronigbe Junction observing how some rookies do their runs. They are making jest of them, but I am thinking how to make a point to the boys.

Virginia appears like an answer to prayers.  Her piercing smile tears  through the darkness around, her cheap rubber braids sparkle like a nested crown upon her head. Her frame sashays nonchalantly along the hilly paths.

I warm up to her. ‘Excuse me’

She looks back, but stuttering holds my tongue in check, and she turns to leave.

‘Erm, I think we have met before’

‘Yes, I think so’

On our way going she explains how she hasn’t met me.

‘I am not that kind of girl who talks to strangers loafing around at nights, I only want to save the embarrassment among your friends’

‘Who looks like that kind of guy anyway?’

She looks at me for the first time. I am wearing Lux underwear, black spotted boxers and a pair of bathroom slippers.

I giggle at her innocence observing her flowery bridal gown all the while.

We get to a bicycle resting on a tree. She mounts and laughs at a silly thing I must have said.

‘What did your father tell you about talking to men at nights?’

I look back to see an elderly woman supported by a walking stick.

‘That’s my grandmother. We can met at the first place you met me, if we have really met before’

The smile on my face spread like jam on a loaf of bread.

‘But, mama he is just a boy’

‘Who is asking your opinion in this matter’ the elder woman scolds

Both women mount  the bicycle and ride away.

Like a dream, I met the dreams of my nights and beyond.

2 thoughts on “30 Days, 30 Essays – A Dream”

  1. Charles, the story was a bit confusing, but I filled in the gaps, well most of them,

    “I giggle at her innocence observing her flowery bridal gown all the while.” Em, what is she wearing here or does flowery bridal gown refer to something else?

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