Me, Wining, and Whining “Babes”

So, my crazy brother at arms decided on lecturing a babe leaving her more confused than ever about the bible…He did same with me on the issue of “It is well” a phrase I hardly knew is a biblical allusion. I think you should read and show love as you would to me, dear people! Thanks.

Monologues & Leaps


“As a born again Christian, do you drink wine?” It was a ping. A broadcast? Gosh! I should have sighed. Normally I clear BB-broadcasts with more promptitude than I use in deleting those junk messages from network providers. Not this one. Something about it tuned up my loins. “YES”, I pinged back and the YES tickled me with feeble fingers. I felt I should add some “milk” of the “word”, for this seeming “babe” in Christendom.

There are quite many “babes” in the kingdom you know: Babes who rely mostly on the “milk” dribbling from pastors and pull-pits. As for me, I think I matured past that milk as I matured past my mama’s. I take the meat of the word. In fact I take it raw, or verily dried. I needed to add some milk, or perhaps it would pass as meat of the word now, for…

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