30 Days, 30 Essays – Commitment


Commitment is an idea I have been trying to understand more recently.

I have strayed on the journey to many causes more as a result of its simplicity than for my susceptibility to take it for granted.

I discovered commitment is more than a promise to do something and doing it. It may transcend physical resolve to psychological will.

Our world, only measures us in certain circumstances if we have been true to a cause or not. But living itself needs every ounce of commitment that we can muster to make a good out of it.

Do people honestly have issues with staying true to causes they voluntarily entered into? Are some people naturally unable to meet up with there own cause?

I thought I have an issue staying committed to some people and relationships, but I have discovered a grand revolt within me to carry out a stated goal till completion. It is not a biological mishap. It is just a lack of will to follow through regardless of if I like it or not.

I can’t stick to a simple regime for this blog, I can’t find a perfect time to complete my first novel, and I can’t, even, stay true to my favourite TV series’ schedules.

For some, the excuse to being true to their commitment is the volume of work involved carrying it out. I can whip up random excuses for my remiss too, but I won’t be justified.

I think the remedy to being committed to grander ideas is staying true to the smaller ones.

I know I would enjoy the pride of publishing a fiction when I can stay true to a regime of writing, which is why I created this blog.

I know I would keep my words to you if I could keep it to myself and figure out how to watch BOONDOCKS on SonyMax, even though I have seen it on DVD.

My conclusion is commitment has something to do with putting to mind and the strength of will to walk through the required work.

30 Days, 30 Essays

Smile, it's November!
Smile, it’s November!

I want to strip my feelings of all rhetoric and metaphors and make it as plain as the open skies. But, even the sky harbors the sun and the truth like the sun is hard to behold.

Perhaps, if we try, we could strain our eyes to see the sun in its glory but such exercise of will only skews our vision and our reality.

The sun, like the truth, is best observed in its radiance upon the creations both green and grey; its sparkle upon the flowers, its guard upon the seasons, its glint upon the oceans and its splendor around the universe.

The truth, likewise, is to be reckoned in such sentiments.

I know the truth could take upon different shades of realities, and still remain true, like a lime sliced along its sections as sour as ashes.

But what is true of me today shall be true of me tomorrow just as the sun mans a region of the world today as it would same time tomorrow.

What I felt for you in the past, returns this season like the sun emerges after completing its circle.

I still have plans for us.