Tafawa Balewa Square



Men in laundered suits and cassava stained-shirts

Hopped out of the BRT in apocalypse haste

Crispy ties bouncing off in sync with springy steps

My hazy mind pans from the triumphant stallions

To flying eagles, clean wide roads.

Names of places, I heard from TV jingles

Pop up like corns in a pan

Would any entertain my novice pleas?

I fell in line like an indentured worker to the nearest bus-stop

Somnambulists canvassed for passengers in the stead of conductors

It was another day, in learning about Lagos and its blissful Island life


Early February 2011, I returned from national service and to Lagos for the first time in 5 years. The day described above was in March, an interview day at IGI.

While I was lost in admiration of the structures and streets, workers flipped past in a hurry like a fast-forwarded movie. I hopped in but wondered what the haste was about.

Well, I did a three month stint with IGI and now work in Ikeja but I long for that morning hopping, even when in no haste— I later learnt, it meant purpose driven lifestyle.

Here is wishing and confessing a new job for me in Lagos Island.

PS: Oh, It’s a new year or is it the first post of the year? Compliments to all those who shared this space with me last year. God bless you all!


BRT = Bus Rapid Transit

IGI = Industrial and General Insurance


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