Why are men so bottled up?

The quest by the modern woman to know what her man thinks and get him to talk has been derailed by the lies peddled around in the name of psycho-analysis.

One of such lies is the movie “Think like a Man Act like a Lady.” My problem with all such prescriptions starts with their titles.

We give too much credit to the man by presupposing he thinks at all and take too much liberty to assume there’s a ladies’ art.

God recognised the reticence of man but had to get the conversation going by asking him to name the animals in the creations story.

But the parsimony of man is seen in the syllables of the given names of animals: Cat, Dog, Cow, Lion, Whale, Panda…even at that, he must have refused to name some animals but when God asked for his assignment to be assessed he turned to onomatopoeic references to complete his task. Thus, we have names like Kangaroo, Baboon, monkey and the likes.

The import of the story is that man is not a talking being and stimulations must be made to get him talking.

There is a story of a man who once lived in the animal kingdom.

There came a day Mr tortoise decided to offer a rhetorical prayer: “May God not let us get roped-in”

Simple as it was, the listening man nearby refused to say amen not even when nudged by the tortoise. The tortoise being a man that wants to prove a point went to the king to claim a subject of the king excretes raw Gold per bowel movement.

The man was commandeered to the palace and ordered to move his bowels. He did to the rotten consternation of the publics but asked to make it gold. The more he couldn’t the more they dealt him some blows to make it happen.

It was in the midst of all this travails that the tortoise surfaced to offer his initial prayers: “May God don’t let us get rope-in.” The man’s amen was so resounding this time.

If you’re ever gonna get your man talking, you’ve got to think like a God and create animals for him to name.
Did you know it was this close-mouthedness of man that caused the fall of man in Eden?

I have been asking myself what was Adam thinking at that point as the serpent conversed with his woman and until Eve took of the fruit and gave him to have a bite.

You would give him undue credits thinking he had any thoughts at all. That man is reticent doesn’t mean a grand thought is playing out in his mind. He may just be as clueless as you are.

#.This is important enough for me to get out of bed and post at 2:47 am. 🙂

What do you think of men?



  1. “We give too much credit to the man by presupposing he thinks at all and take too much liberty to assume there’s a ladies’ art”
    #Gbam! That just did it for me!
    Think like a god. I like this. Pretty good one

  2. i think it’s women that actually get men talking really. referencing same Adam, see how much he said on waking and seeing Eve. he didn’t even bother to wonder where the creature came from. he claimed ownership instantly and instantly, yielded then, his entire faculties finally to the woman. God saw that coming.
    #think like God indeed, and act like a woman#
    way to go brother. way to go.

    and yes, Livelytwist, men really have a lot on their minds and the whole lots funnels into one – woman. PERIOD.

  3. Really? Think like a God? It’s the second straight night that I haven’t been able to sleep and I’ve been wondering to myself….Tobi, what are you thinking so much about? Mummy(the Woman) must not hear that I haven’t been sleeping. Like livelytwist said, Men have a lot on their minds-the 2:47am style. She called me on phone 2 days ago to ask me about my last girlfriend who ended the relationship months ago because she felt “I wasn’t talking enough” even though I sacrifice almost 30 minutes on phone for her daily. I guess she is a real woman and I’m a real man…

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