Nox Veritas

When to sessions of nightly thought

I scroll timeline of things newly past

I sigh the dearth of things I sought

For every zoom, scroll and click dear time’s waste

Then, I happened upon a ceaseless flow

Of mentions, blogs & #tags – a #twurch for scary nights

With animated fingers & eyelids aglow

I leap at rhema & dance in a new found lights

I wail no more for hubris gone

I’m relieved from guilt and man-made laws

Casting off sin and Adam’s gown

For your blog tells me HE paid it all

If but for a while, I hover on your tweets dear friend

All Hope is restored and my sorrows end!


For @damilar3, this is to specially appreciate the goodness of your heart and discipline of your art to proclaim the mandate to every created being.

Happy Birthday Sir!

7 thoughts on “Nox Veritas”

  1. Ha! Happy birthday sir… And this writer did a good one, speaking my heart also. Hehehehehe!!! We see Christ in you daily, from tweet to tweet, blog to blog and words to words. You’re blessed.

  2. The night truth is the light of the Son! Beautiful poem and tribute. Visiting from A to Z challenge. God bless, Maria from “”

  3. This is beautiful! Oh my… When you described your joy and enlightenment with these lines: “I leap at rhema & dance in a new found lights. I wail no more for hubris gone,” I could feel my own excitement as my pupils went like this O_o. Very emotional piece, sir Charles.

    1. See who found me!
      Glad you felt a connection to this…The subject is such a charismatic writer and to his honour do we evoke such sentiments.
      Thanks for being here!

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