For Jos

Save a teardrop for a day like this
When the remnant of you is scattered across street floors and market places

Save it for the harsh harvest at spring
Save if for dews at sunset & those many conveniences your flatter your days with while they are gone

Save the tears for yourselves but not for the many wrestled from your grips at noon

The Dawn beckons but we are stuck at the twilight of the night
Dark clouds eclipse sunrise and torrents of evil drenching our humanity.

This is for you, whose silences question our resolve to carry on
Whose shadows trail our daily exchanges
Who waits in the recesses of shallow graves for just a moment of truth
“why did I have to die?”

Again, there was a bombing in the troubled northern region of Nigeria. Again, we condemn the act and perpetrators but resign to fate.
Today, I am at a motorpark with all plans and hopes for the next few hours but nothing guarantees my safety. I sense it would be a loss if I were cut short this moment but that’s what the fallen represents… Lost chances, opportunities to do good and be done good to. Pity.

…to add a little is creativity!

One thought on “For Jos”

  1. “Lost chances, opportunities to do good and be done good to. Pity.”
    It is terribly sad.

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