President Jonathan MemeThis is 2014. And you would expect that people have come to a mastery of the nuisances of arguments but you only need to tune-in to news at 10 on Channels Television to know how far people have fallen in reasoning. You can only imagine the agony of the Greeks who laboured for the fine art of dialogue and discuss that has become trivial in our current state.

I am talking about the puerile adverts that the office of the president of Nigeria and his sympathizers host on air to harass one’s sensibilities.

Now, the problem with being a commentator of my standing in a country like this is my constant struggle between calling out the idiots in government and a more difficult task of punching holes in the logic of greater fools of a citizenry.

For what it’s worth, President Jonathan needs a new copywriter for his publicity campaigns. A basic requirement for a suitable candidate should be an aptitude in logical reasoning. A common line of fallacy is sewn along all publicity efforts of the Jonathan’s government.

Pray, what’s with all rhetoric of terrorism is a global phenomenal? So, is that a case for Nigerians to live with it? I beg to differ, why are our precepts taken from far-fetched countries? The last I checked terrorism isn’t yet a continental issue or even a regional one. With countries like Ghana, Egypt and South Africa basking in the euphoria of secured communities. Is terrorism a reality? Yes! But that doesn’t excuse the fallacy that the presidency continually builds its debates.

Another instance I find this mono-polar reasoning presidency inept is its recent appeal to argumentum ad populum. My daily news session is soured by this advert that run like: Mandela did it, President Obama is doing it therefore Goodluck Jonathan would do it…” not only did this claim run afoul of more than four fallacies it is a grievous heresy that I still wonder why Obama hasn’t sued for slander.

This assertion not only tries to equate a Goodluck Jonathan reasoning (which has been questioned on many occasions) and capabilities with that of the finest the world has seen but assumes Jonathan is doing anything at all.

In the meantime, I have a suggestion for the morons who write these copies for Mr President: “When problems faced Libya, Ghadaffi sacrificed his live for the nation; when issues stood against Murtala he laid his life for Nigeria, President Jonathan can do it for Nigeria and he will do it soon!”

The free copy up there would do my world a lot of good if the president can communicate his readiness to tackle our challenges head-on not with rhetoric and unfitting comparison and appeal to sentiments.


Just so we are clear. This doesn’t in anyway supports the greater fools of a citizenry and their stands against the president.