On Freewill and Predestination

What’s destiny? Do humans have a choice in life?

These two questions were some of philosophical questions I encountered as a freshman in the university.

My professor succeeded in making us the final arbiter on the matter.

One would likely assume it is such a simple concept until one meets different schools of thought challenging one’s stand.

For me, I use a simple analogy to prove/disprove the concept of freewill and predestination.

Let’s call it: Knife stabbing theory.

I belief, at this moment, all things being equal I should live the next minute. My freewill comes in to play the moment I pick up a knife to kill myself. The extension of that scenario is that the predestination theory believes it must have being written for me to die that way that’s why I can choose to die. Suppose I entertained the thought but didn’t execute it; is there a way the writer of destiny would achieve my dying that day regardless of me killing myself? In that case do we call the death the destiny or the method of dying? Can I be destined to kill myself and there still be a backup plan to die by other means in case I don’t?

The renaissance man enthroned man and his ability to think and concluded we have freewill. But how free is man, if his decisions are premised upon enzymes’ reactions and environmental coloration?

Can predestination stand in the face of the outliers who have triumphed above social caste and reached beyond ecological boundaries?

Some call it freewill; some call theirs predestination, others agree with changeable destiny. What do you call yours?

In other words…

In an inexplicable circumstance, the electricity supply in my neighborhood has increased substantially.

Speculations hold that the Power Holding Company of Nigeria deliberately withheld supply during the last days of President Jonathan and are now releasing it for the goodwill of this dispensation.

Whatever the case may be, I hope this continues.

In other words, I am falling in love with this administration in that regards.

This month I will do everything and I will do nothing…

Happy new month peeps!

Sure, it has been a while but pardon me, hustle came between the blog and me.

I have made a new year resolution soon after my country changed party leadership…

My new year resolution is similitude of my president’s inaugural declaration: “I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody” after fruitless attempts to make a sense out of such deliberate double-speak, that leaves one more confused and bewildered, I gave up and developed some more variations of my own speaking within talking.

You see, communication has become such an arduous taMuhammadu Buharisk in our society albeit more endangered  is comprehension skills.

Pray, a man mouthed such wicked Obscurantism but was hailed as a man of himself. I pity our collective approbation.

…My new year resolution is to henceforth do everything within my powers and do nothing outside my powers. I will hence wake someday and go everywhere and I will go nowhere. You can figure out the rest of my life’s story…

***Lights out***