I am eager to give my life in loving service of Jesus Christ and those He loves.

I understand the seriousness of my own sin and the incredible costly grace of God at work in my life.

I acknowledge the cosmic consequences of human sin and that the redemption in Christ covers all reality.

I have respect for the word of God revealed in the Bible.

I have the hope of an eternity delighting in the presence of God, my creator and Redeemer.

22 thoughts on “See.Me!”

  1. I like your poetry…full of enigma…thanks for also leading me to fing the ‘fictioneers cafe too(lol) I intend to put up a story on d picture for friday!

  2. Hi charles! I like your poetry ….full of enigma. Thanks for also leading me to find the ‘fictioneers lounge’ (loool)too! I intend to put up a story on d picture for friday.

  3. I just stopped by as part of the A to Z challenge. Great posts thus far! I’m blogging the Beatles all month.

    See you around.


  4. Hi Charles,

    I saw you were following me on twitter. I don’t know if you have vistied my blog, but it might give you some insight on arts and culture in small town America.

  5. Hey Charles, checking on you. I heard about the plane crash and hope you and your family are safe.

    1. The crash in Lagos, not *your* plane – just in case anyone else reading this hasn’t heard about it and wondered what I’m talking about.

      1. Hey, this is so thoughtful of you, ma. I am fine and so is my immediate family…it is a national disaster that we are getting to bear…I really appreciate your gesture, thanks you!

  6. My brother, what’s up? I am worried. Are you safe? What about your family members and any significant other? Madison is worried too. Let’s hear from you.

    1. Thanks o, sister! i am safe physically though…this has brought so many psychological trauma to our minds…thinking we now have no where to run to for safety! But I know we will overcome this too, as a stronger Nation. Thanks for the care!

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