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The Seal


Charles and Gloria Williams

A year ago

It was a parade of probable

It was a confluence of hope

A year ago

We plunged into the unknown

With shaky feet, thumping hearts

A year ago

We didn’t see beyond the napes of our heads

Mama, see how far we’ve come.


Join me to hail My Beautiful Thing (MBT): the fiery passion of my pulse, the herald of my mornings, my co-wayfarer, foreman, caretaker and a fellow God Chaser!

Since September 3rd, 2016, she has borne the cross of answering my wife with such grace you would think I am a superman—but I know better.

This is my proclamation: Not for the green shrub on the savannah, not for the head-lightening-sway upon a thousand hills nor for the depressing shallows of the valleys will this commitment be tempted.

I love you!