The Other Day

When you excused me on my way to the market

I waited

Because mama said, that is the right thing to do

When you told me your name

I smiled

For I know everyone deserves one

When you asked my name

I smiled

For I know you would get to know still

When you said your pa owns the national theatre

I smiled

Maybe, that’s why you practically sleep there

When you said your grandpa is the man on one-naira coin

I smiled

Because, I could link a resemblance really

When you said, I have golden eyes

I smiled

I doubt you knew I took Chelsea this morning

Then you said, you love me’

I walked away

For, I know that’s not true!



With the swaggering steps of a toddler

I write these lines

As the seizure of a stutter

I stitch these rhymes


My fingerprints

Coming from fingers so smear

Like the Iyaloja’s doted mints

My claws scratch out theme so rear


Do to him what you would he does for you

It could have been you in that same shoe

Searching and finding no clue


Humanity is about sharing

Share a burden and find your bearing

There is more blessing in giving!

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