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30 Days, 30 Essays – Procrastination


It has been called by many names. Not a few solutions have been proffered, but this plague still haunts man down.

Like you, I struggle with my portion of procrastination, nay, I indulge in it.

The many demons we struggle with are sometimes self-inflicted. No man is doomed to not taking action; it is only the will to work that is overridden by the desire for pleasure.

A wise man said, “Do what you have to do; so you may do what you WANT to do.”

That sums up the battle within us, the struggle to do the hard and necessary as against the easy and fun.

For most of us we don’t have any alternative thing to do but lazing around.

My experience is, no chore remains what it was at the first instance.

As unused items gather dust so are the work left undone. But if you think dusts are weightless try to gather a year worth of dusting and measure.

However, the dusts that clutter up on our undone chores are more responsibilities, urgency and emergences. With all these we are bound to make mistakes.

Naturally, I hate cheats or to be cheated out of a deal.

If I left my dishes undone I don’t want to deal with the resultant visitation of rats and roaches or the foul odour that comes from overstayed trash. But since nature abhor vacuum and fills in shit on our chore; I have learned to deal with my issues as soon as expected. I won’t give nature a chance to fill up the vacuum with some shit for me.

Procrastination is simple a trick of the mind to see how far it can stretch you. Knowing full well you don’t meet undone chore the way you left it.

But, if your mind is always looking for stretch limits, I am sure I have better things to do with my time.

30 Days, 30 Essays – Commitment


Commitment is an idea I have been trying to understand more recently.

I have strayed on the journey to many causes more as a result of its simplicity than for my susceptibility to take it for granted.

I discovered commitment is more than a promise to do something and doing it. It may transcend physical resolve to psychological will.

Our world, only measures us in certain circumstances if we have been true to a cause or not. But living itself needs every ounce of commitment that we can muster to make a good out of it.

Do people honestly have issues with staying true to causes they voluntarily entered into? Are some people naturally unable to meet up with there own cause?

I thought I have an issue staying committed to some people and relationships, but I have discovered a grand revolt within me to carry out a stated goal till completion. It is not a biological mishap. It is just a lack of will to follow through regardless of if I like it or not.

I can’t stick to a simple regime for this blog, I can’t find a perfect time to complete my first novel, and I can’t, even, stay true to my favourite TV series’ schedules.

For some, the excuse to being true to their commitment is the volume of work involved carrying it out. I can whip up random excuses for my remiss too, but I won’t be justified.

I think the remedy to being committed to grander ideas is staying true to the smaller ones.

I know I would enjoy the pride of publishing a fiction when I can stay true to a regime of writing, which is why I created this blog.

I know I would keep my words to you if I could keep it to myself and figure out how to watch BOONDOCKS on SonyMax, even though I have seen it on DVD.

My conclusion is commitment has something to do with putting to mind and the strength of will to walk through the required work.