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Court Orders, Opinions and Verdicts

CThe reign of impunity in any society is signalled by the absence of the rule of law. The animals in the wild are slightly different from man because of the absence of this concept.

One of the cheapest commodities in the world is an opinion. No one sells opinion, even consultants –they sell you judgements. Again, opinions need no efforts to thrive just a medium of expression; they exert no further actions or prior facts.

Our abysmal peregrination in the guise of nationhood was recently punctuated by stomach-upsetting tales from our political class.

A Lagos High court Judge recently ‘pronounced’ the collection of tolls by the Lagos state Government on the Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge as illegal.

Apparently, the Attorney General of the State and his cohorts has chosen to label the court’s pronouncement as the Judge’s opinion.


Opinions, to me are things wives express against the better judgements of their husbands. Opinions are the summation of minority frustration against the determination of the majority. Opinions are expressed second thoughts after losing an argument, which may be contrary to stated facts but allowed in as much as it is prefixed with “in my own opinion…” Nobody debates the rights of others to hold opinions but nobody is obliged to honour or share them.

The pronouncements from the hallowed chambers are a different matter entirely. In the instance, when executive lynchpins make a buffet of judicial rulings—in the execution of charges, we can as well draw the curtains on this travesty of nationhood.




In My Opinion…

I’ve driven on the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge and I can say that a #250 toll doesn’t even come close to quantify the level of stress lifted off your life compared to the alternate route.

However, some level of decorum is expected in some quarters.


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Beauty Sleep? There’s nothing like that idiot!

Myths are rife in backward societies but the advance of modern technology has made that definition hardly fitting for any society.

You have heard the idiomatic expression: Go have a ‘beauty sleep’ and many other variants of the sleep and beauty combo.

There is nothing like beauty sleep, end of story! If there were, some people don’t have any reason to look like Bounce [that Congolese footballer whose countenance could break any mirror he looks into].

This idiom is one of the lies the fathers of the language doled out. There’s is nothing beautiful about the act of sleeping.

SnoringYou need to see the contortions on your face when you sleep. It is a rare person who looks or act as well asleep as he does awake. As a dating rule, I don’t ask out a lady until I could see the form and extent of her facial contours while at sleep. Some faces are horrific to wake up to! Forget all the cheesy lines of “I want to wake up and observe your smile in your sleep” that poets use.

Sometimes ago, I tried to carry out this experiment on a lady. At night, while in bed the poet in me made to write a poem about her smile-in-the-sleep but was met with a rude shock of my life.

The lady’s face was transformed into… [I’d leave you to fill in the gap]. She roused suddenly with that feeling you have that a pair of eyes is searing into you. Her expression changed from the-morning-after look to concern upon seeing something on my face…which was only a reflection of her sleeping countenance.

She: “What’s the problem Charly?”

Me: “Oh, I had a nightmare!”

Sleep, as expressed in my previous post is an essential part of our existence. Some people sleep away a-quarter of their lives but others do not get enough.

I believe sound sleeping habits should be encouraged and practiced but lying about if sleeping makes you beautiful or fat is another ball game.



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