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30 Days, 30 Essays – A Dream

african_woman_by_ironmouse86-d4241xbThe hunt has been on all night.

The boys and I are lurking at Oronigbe Junction observing how some rookies do their runs. They are making jest of them, but I am thinking how to make a point to the boys.

Virginia appears like an answer to prayers.  Her piercing smile tears  through the darkness around, her cheap rubber braids sparkle like a nested crown upon her head. Her frame sashays nonchalantly along the hilly paths.

I warm up to her. ‘Excuse me’

She looks back, but stuttering holds my tongue in check, and she turns to leave.

‘Erm, I think we have met before’

‘Yes, I think so’

On our way going she explains how she hasn’t met me.

‘I am not that kind of girl who talks to strangers loafing around at nights, I only want to save the embarrassment among your friends’

‘Who looks like that kind of guy anyway?’

She looks at me for the first time. I am wearing Lux underwear, black spotted boxers and a pair of bathroom slippers.

I giggle at her innocence observing her flowery bridal gown all the while.

We get to a bicycle resting on a tree. She mounts and laughs at a silly thing I must have said.

‘What did your father tell you about talking to men at nights?’

I look back to see an elderly woman supported by a walking stick.

‘That’s my grandmother. We can met at the first place you met me, if we have really met before’

The smile on my face spread like jam on a loaf of bread.

‘But, mama he is just a boy’

‘Who is asking your opinion in this matter’ the elder woman scolds

Both women mount  the bicycle and ride away.

Like a dream, I met the dreams of my nights and beyond.

F is for Flash Fiction

Photo Prompt

…a spark cracked at the next attempt with the stones and the laid shrubs caught the fire. He set the swallow to roast.

He took a helping of it and savoured its taste with delight. Opening his eyes, a butterfly buzzed over the stream, to the applause of his eyes and he heard his last words.

‘You must not imprison beauty no matter how innocently; let beauty as truth roam freely’

He set a foot to the temperate of the stream, a cool breeze caressed him but the sparrows wailed in the distant background.


This is also a contribution to the #AtoZChallenge and for the regular fictioneers cafe at Madison Woods’ Blog