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Nox Veritas

When to sessions of nightly thought

I scroll timeline of things newly past

I sigh the dearth of things I sought

For every zoom, scroll and click dear time’s waste

Then, I happened upon a ceaseless flow

Of mentions, blogs & #tags – a #twurch for scary nights

With animated fingers & eyelids aglow

I leap at rhema & dance in a new found lights

I wail no more for hubris gone

I’m relieved from guilt and man-made laws

Casting off sin and Adam’s gown

For your blog tells me HE paid it all

If but for a while, I hover on your tweets dear friend

All Hope is restored and my sorrows end!


For @damilar3, this is to specially appreciate the goodness of your heart and discipline of your art to proclaim the mandate to every created being.

Happy Birthday Sir!