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Unidentified Flying Object
UFO-Unidentified Flying Object

The ambience of the flight was pleasant enough with a coyish lady laid beside me. I was tempering with my Blackberry’s settings to flight mood when a flip of her hands caught my attention.

‘Are you a catholic?’

‘Sort of, off and on—depending on my location’


She had done the sign of the cross at the end of the prayers offered by passenger 57 and I wondered if prayers were a protocol too, aboard.

A sudden jolt roused us all from the reveries of acquaintance making.

I did the sign of the cross too…


This is dedicated to the wonderful souls departed on the Dana Crash. The nation could not have loved you more. May their loved ones find fortitude in sweet memories they left with us. Please, Sleep on!


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In the last 18 hours, I had been displeased to get a peek at the cyber remains of two words-cannot-describe souls. The first was of a two-year-junior at the University of Ibadan, who was recently mobilized for the National Youth Service Corps, but was never going to partake of such corporal patriotic calling. The latter Adenike Akomolafeis of a friend of a friend, who finished from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Tragically, both were young ladies in their twenties.

Temitayo & Kelechi (U.I 2008)

Going through their Facebook pages, I looked beyond the obsequies/eulogies pouring from the souls privileged enough to have crossed their dazzling paths. I saw the modern day autobiography of our personalities reaching far beyond our alteration in the daily cyber updates we thread on the various online forums. As a critical mortal too, I couldn’t but wonder what my last posts would be like if I were dead the next minute.

Would my last post tells of my life’s burning passion or its picture captures me, eternally frozen in the relic of cyberspace, in an act I wouldn’t be proud of as a citizen of the hereafter? Would I leak my passwords to my F&F to update my self-constructed epitaph and let the world see the beauty I buried in myself? Or, would I cringe in the grave at every click to my blog, soon to become my eternally opened cybertomb?

Temitayo Abike Omoniyi, was a dear friend in every way and my heart is heavy with grief for this colossal loss to my inner-circle. We shared a brief passionate moment when I was involved with her close friend. There was this quartet of friends that I was very flattered to be acquainted with in my sophomore year: Juwon Olutola, Kelechi Ezitonye, Tayo Omoniyi and Yinka Owoeye—a huge thanks to providence for this connection!

Unfortunately, Yinka was snatched-off this world the March of the last leap year (2008) and Tayo has followed this March—another leap year. May these souls rest in peace.

I am earnestly praying against the recurrence of this evil to my inner circle or larger circle of friends again.

If this were my last post, I would like to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to all those who flattered me with their love and friendly devotion. My neighbours past and present; friends, far and near; critics and spoilers—who cared enough to take on issues with me.

If this were my last Blog, I will like to salute the courage of Olayinka Owoeye & Temitayo Omoniyi who took to their destinies and discharged their callings, the duo were exceptionally sterling campus journalists, effectively touching lives on their paths and taking a leave of us when the ovation and temptation was the loudest.

Yinka, I am very proud of you today and continue to remember you as an example of a pearl who once walked the putrefying plane of this earth.

Tayo, sleep on, I salute your courage to slip into eternity so soon, because I know this couldn’t have met you unguarded. Pray for our mortal souls to have the courage enough to smile when death beckons! I love you: I might never have told you but its true!

My heartfelt sympathy goes to the families of these gems that were cut short at prime.