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Photo: Rich Voza
Photo: Rich Voza

Stationed here, I’ve seen people come and go, sharing hugs, kisses and tears. I have seen the exchange of spine-crushing embrace, cold withdrawal and dejected returnees.

Today, a couple cuddled in my presence, one sought every reason to pick at the partner’s hem, the other looked nervously around.

Nothing unusual here travelers turn out in different shades and mood.

Only, my memory will not lie still.

A week ago, she was in the embrace of another, sharing hugs, kisses and tears. Flecks of promises flittered around.

I am stationed at a departure lounge: I see the frailties of man.

This story is a contribution to the Friday Fictioneers at Rochellewisofffields’ blog. Where a crush of writers are inspired by a photo prompt to express a story in 100 words. Please, click the linky icon up here to find other stories

A line in flight…

From me to You

Words are on the flight tonight

I’m on a hot chase too

I can make do with a phrase or two

To tell a tale of two

Of the two who never met

Of the two who never part

 …but words are on a flight tonight

Sitting among the cedar leaves

The crickets play love on the bank of the sea

Sighs of lovers in the waves on the sea

Many are the agonies of a lonefarer

Such is the fate of a forgotten lover

I will like to tell you a tale

But words are on a flight tonight

and am on a hot chase too!