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Happy Birthday Gloria!

Today cannot come to an end without heralding what a special day it is… today is my wife’s birthday. Although, we are by default a very private family let me just drop this here for my children’s sake.


Words have repeatedly failed me to describe what you have come to mean to me in the journey of the last 365 days.

Shall I tell of the innocence of your heart that you’ve taken to the marketplace and how you seem surprised I speak the same language with your employers, telling you it’s the way of the world? Even in that, I have come to know that this life is not about learning the ways of the world but bringing of ourselves to make the world better regardless of how perverted it is.

I marvel at the core of your strength that makes you tackle—like a piece of cake, a crazy work schedule that denies you of family time, even as full-fledged men abscond duty. I have come to see the depth of your dedication to your calling beyond any inconvenience.

I thank you for those magic wands that you perform in the kitchen and in the other room that makes my head swell like a foreign breed dog.

Thank you for the rock solid support that pushes me beyond my personal standards and ambitions.

Today is ultimately about you and God’s goodness to you and this comes to wish you a happy birthday!


















PS: Baby as you can see, my writing have become rusty and I should write more. September 3rd presents another opportunity.