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This month I will do everything and I will do nothing…

Happy new month peeps!

Sure, it has been a while but pardon me, hustle came between the blog and me.

I have made a new year resolution soon after my country changed party leadership…

My new year resolution is similitude of my president’s inaugural declaration: “I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody” after fruitless attempts to make a sense out of such deliberate double-speak, that leaves one more confused and bewildered, I gave up and developed some more variations of my own speaking within talking.

You see, communication has become such an arduous taMuhammadu Buharisk in our society albeit more endangered  is comprehension skills.

Pray, a man mouthed such wicked Obscurantism but was hailed as a man of himself. I pity our collective approbation.

…My new year resolution is to henceforth do everything within my powers and do nothing outside my powers. I will hence wake someday and go everywhere and I will go nowhere. You can figure out the rest of my life’s story…

***Lights out***