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Bus Ride – 6:56am[Friday Fictioneers]

Grey sat in a bus, reading a newspaper and waiting for a pick up. He looked out the window in delight. He does not always have reasons to go t town. But the day’s event may change that forever.

He reached for his phone and scrolled to the message menu. He had been invited for a job interview at IEE Services.

He smirked and stared at a picture on an advert, a week earlier, on the newspaper.

IEE Services, a security firm seeks the service of a detail-oriented civilian to manage a high-end facility.”


Encouraged by the interests in Grey’s story from last week’s I am tempted to push it a little further. This is a developing story and I  took the liberty to share its first two installments. Hope you have more questions than ever!

This is a contribution to the Household of Friday Fictioneers. It’s a joy to be among you folks. All comments are appreciated. Thanks to Rochelle Wisofffields for hosting us as usual.