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Monday brings Sweetness.

Hurray, am ecstatic!
Mondays come to some of us with variety of feelings, the desire of not wanting the weekend to end and the expectation of what the new week hold.
For many job seekers [this category is actually mammoth in Nigeria], they earnestly await the beep of SMS on their phones or rush out of home to make an interview appointments.
For whatever, Mondays are for serious business.
What more seriousness could come my way this day other than the announcement of a new initiative to rescue Africans from palpable suffering?
The Rockefeller Foundation has today announced a new Foundation initiative that will focus on Africa’s youth and employment, Digital Jobs Africa (DJA). This is a nearly $100 million investment which will impact one million people in Africa through jobs and skills for youth in the information communication technology (ICT) sector who would not otherwise have an opportunity for sustainable employment.
Now, this is great news for the teeming cyber citizens of Africa. To many, this may sound like just another aid effort. But I tell you, this is a generational aid for that leap that many a youth are looking forward to which, regrettably our leaders are sincerely laggards in the drive to unite with the world.
Dr Judith Rodin, President of the Rockefeller Foundation at the World Economic Forum meeting in Cape Town, South Africa said “The DJA builds on three years of the Foundation’s existing work and will focus on high potential youth who lack access to jobs and economic opportunities.”
This will overall change the work ethic and lifestyle of a generation of African youths. Many African youths now turn to social media for fun and a source of livelihood. With this initiative, I see more than the set goal of 1million youths and I can see the rippling effects across the continent and individual families.
This is good news to me, as my country made it to the seven nations where this initiative is going to pioneer for the next 7 years.
While we wait the commencement of this initiative, we say thank you Rockefeller Foundation.


For the wink of your dreams

Is brighter than the glare of your misery


In the dare of nadir

For the boom of your harvest


Smile and Love
Smile and Love

Smile, oh smile

Let the glint spread

Like jam on a loaf


Let our hopes cling

In a toast for a sure tomorrow

Bus Ride – 6:56am[Friday Fictioneers]

Grey sat in a bus, reading a newspaper and waiting for a pick up. He looked out the window in delight. He does not always have reasons to go t town. But the day’s event may change that forever.

He reached for his phone and scrolled to the message menu. He had been invited for a job interview at IEE Services.

He smirked and stared at a picture on an advert, a week earlier, on the newspaper.

IEE Services, a security firm seeks the service of a detail-oriented civilian to manage a high-end facility.”


Encouraged by the interests in Grey’s story from last week’s I am tempted to push it a little further. This is a developing story and I  took the liberty to share its first two installments. Hope you have more questions than ever!

This is a contribution to the Household of Friday Fictioneers. It’s a joy to be among you folks. All comments are appreciated. Thanks to Rochelle Wisofffields for hosting us as usual.