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A dose of laughter can save your life!

The only virtue in life is laughter

Others are mere pretences

What other article do you want to tender

I will show where to buy and prices

Wisdom are lies, you were fed

Go to a college, you’ll get more for less

Hope is for the sluggard and the timid

Fight for your life; don’t be spineless

Faith is another vice

A horrible lie to teach you hate

Love is a spice

Sadly, a life souring one!

The Alley…[a new day at the Friday Fictioneers]

The alley to your heart is lonely

With many graffiti of yore lovers on but sides

Some wrote at the entrance

Promises of a lifetime together

They still walked on anyways

Others proclaimed a mission to serve

But were never at your service either ways

I won’t blot on the parchment of your soul

Forgive my impertinence; yield a portion of you to me

I am not gonna walk through this alley

No, I won’t: lest I become like others

Having a need to forgo

I mount guard at the post to your heart

Watchful for you and your needs

The alley to your heart is lonely

With many graffiti of lovers of yore!

***I am very pleased to make it to the gang this week***

This story is a contribution to the Friday Fictioneers at Madison Woods‘ blog. Where a crush of writers are inspired by a photo prompt to express a story in 100 words. Please, click to find other stories.