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Getting to know your man

Over time, I’ve seen ladies surreptitiously converged at magazine stands, in grocery stores, checking titles that give insights to the behavioural patterns of a male Homo-sapiens. Although, I have told you over times, buying such books and magazines only heightens the level of your frustrations [men are aware of your expectations, from such sources, and play along perfectly; until such a time that they impulsively show their true colours]; I have another genuine way of putting these species of human to test and bringing out the very nature of them. Here are the some simple, homemade techniques to learn more about a man’s psychological leanings.

A test for aggressiveness

Dude is a Gentleman though.
Dude is a Gentleman though.

Most ladies are worried about the level of aggression their men possess. Unfortunately, many can’t tell until they push him to the wall, but only a few has lived to tell a tale.

Here’s my simple recommendation from our everyday life.

Buy your man a loaf of bread. No, not a confectionery bread but Agege bread and watch how he unties its wrapper.

Basically, an aggressive man will tear out the nylon and get to the business of the day. But a more tolerant man will find a way to untie it and keep the nylon for future use. This is a typical subconscious behaviour that no man can manipulate. Whatever your man is, knowing this fact will help you in behaving rightly according to his mood.

If You’re Abstaining and in a Relationship

Kissing the life out of her
Kissing the life out of her

If you know what’s good for you—you should be abstaining really. But a basic point of conflict is, in knowing the sexual compatibility of the would-be partners.

This is another, a simple recommendation from ordinary things of life.

I know, when men take their ladies out, they like buying expensive and extraordinary things for her and for themselves, which they would not buy usually.

One of such things they don’t buy is the sachet water [a.k.a Pure Water]. Get your boyfriend to jog a few miles and suggest he buys pure water instead of bottled water.

Be attentive to how he handles the sachet. For some reason, men liken this product to a certain part of the female body and may violently squeeze the content depending on the fantasies they have built around you. An orange fruit can serve the same purpose too.

A Test for the fear of God

Secret Service kinda
Secret Service kinda

This is another grey area women want to know about men and it mostly, prove difficult given some men’s penchant for being dramatic. A Dude was pestering my little sister sometimes ago and I had to request him being invited to, the house for chitchat.

‘By the way, what is your denomination?’ ‘The Salvation army sir’

‘That’s great. Are u a member of the lord’s army yet?’

‘Thank you sir, I am a member of the lord’s army’

‘Wow, that’s great! What unit do you serve in; a friend is an usher in that church too?’

‘Well, I serve in the secret service sir!’

Without being told my sister knew it was a no-no for a secret servant of god.

-This may be continued or not. It has been on my draft for some days, and I feel it’s time to come out, feel free to add any tip missed out. Have a great life. ________________________________________________________________

Serious guys, this is short I know, but it will suffice to say Happy New Month.

A Complete Brutal Techniques for Self-defence for all Ladies

Many women unnecessarily suffer from abusive men in modern times. That is over, as soon as you can link them to this blog. Recently, I got an epiphany to change the world, one issue at a time. Here I go, fulfilling the mandate.

Men are naturally abusive…

Simple fact to know, even the meekest of them has lurking within him rage of violence. Your duty as a lady, and a potential mate, is to let him know, to what degree your temper matches his. Funnily, men are very perceptive beings, and when you send the right signals I bet he will cane up in line. Follow these simple transmitting codes:

Hit a strike with a strike…

Hollywood has painted this silly image of romance that every lady now looks forward to…

Nothing Romantic here
Nothing Romantic here

Your man steals into the kitchen and instead of being human and greet you, spanks your bums, but you go romanticizing about how sweet he is…I got news for you, 98% of all abuses starts when a man wells up courage to strike a woman under whatever guise.

When next your man tries that with you, turn around, give him a sweet smile, and clamp his balls in your hand tightly and ask how his day was; of course, he is gonna squish but make sure you keep the smiling.

#When he comes home the next day, guess where he’s gonna be greeting you from? Correct, form the living room…

Give him a blow too...
Give him a blow too…

Be alert even at fun time

Men are silly, I must tell you this. You know some come into relationships with habits they have shunned amongst their male gang. Have you ever watched a football match with any who intermittently strikes you as the action heats up? Well, in the past, you have excused them, thinking it’s done in the heat of passion.

Safe your head, when the game gets high maybe a side scores; look him in the face, in disbelief and land him a hard blow in the tummy…asking:  “Can you believe Drogba did that?” For good measure, land him another shouting “It-is-a-G-O-A-L!!!”

#I bet my career, he will never crave to watch another match with you…


Be fictitious

In this part of the world being fictional is no great deal for women—they spend most of their productive time on the TV. When you are setting out on dating that period you fill each other in on your past? Yes, that’s when to foreground his heart with fears for you. Of course, you’re only playing even. Or do you believe all the tales of his conquests (of this and that girl in the past) just because he said so? Think again…

crutch his balls...
crutch his balls…

Tell him about your uncle, who scotched a boy’s scrotum because he followed you home at element school or how your brother in the military promised to castrate any man who dares to marry you and divorced you later.

#The guy will definitely not show up for the next date, if he has a history of battering women.

Get him to see a movie with you

Most of the battles of self-defence are fought on the territory of the heart. Once in a while, get your mate to see a movie with you and you should be smart at the selection of which…

When a scene in the movie signals real life possibilities express your view in strong threatening terms…”if a guy dares to treat me like that…” “If I were to suspect my mate’s fidelity, I can kill to get my end.”

#These are no mere words and I’m sure he will take them to heart.

For Rape Preys and Victims

Once in a life time, you fall victim of sexual abusers who may want to defile you, if you live in countries like Nigeria, South Africa and India

Simple rule, never beg to be free and never panic.

Men are scared too...
Men are scared too…

The animal instinct in such men only gets inspired with your struggles…

Relax and smile, ask: “Is it sex that you really want?”

“Well. Relax, I have always wanted you, anyway!”

But, you gonna wear a condom, because I don’t Wanna have AIDS again”

#He will simply let you go, for clearly, blood will diffuse as fast away from his member.